Yoga with Salt Therapy

Join us for a unique yoga experience that integrates breathing practices, gentle stretching and relaxation techniques surrounded by the healing properties of salt therapy.
Within the walls of this restorative setting, each student will receive guidance and support allowing them to create a balance between mind, body and spirit.
This class is perfect for those new to yoga as well as those with previous experience. We even offer a special Senior Yoga class that is designed to meet the needs of every body!

Please reserve your mat in advance. Cancellations may be made up until one hour before class. Thank you.

One Halo Yoga Session > $15

Includes: One 60 minute session with 15 minutes of Salt Therapy. Call us at: 352-750-9909 to reserve a session. 

5 Halo Yoga Session Package > $10 per session

Includes: Five 60 minute session with 15 minutes of Salt Therapy per session. Call us at: 352-750-9909 to reserve a session. 

Private Yoga Session > $50 per session

Includes: One private 60 minute session with 60 minutes of Salt Therapy. Call us at: 352-750-9909 to reserve a session. 


Acupuncture has traditionally been used as a preventative medicine. Recent research has now verified that acupuncture stimulates immune function which increases your resistance to bacterial and viral infections. Acupuncture can dramatically increase overall vitality and energy. It treats underlying causes, and promotes a deeper kind of healing. Its effects profoundly changes people’s lives on the emotional level as well. Many people find that an occasional acupuncture tune-up is the best medicine to feel “in sync” and insure continuing health.

The Acupuncturist’s approach is to treat the “person first”, not just the symptoms. The result being, the root cause of disease is being treated. Many acupuncturists listen to you extensively regarding your history and life patterns during the initial examination. Practitioners are particularly trained to observe very subtle signs and symptoms which are thought of as insignificant or often overlooked by Western medicine.

Acupuncture / Consultation & Treatment

Includes: An initial consultation and a 90 minute acupuncture appointment. 

Acupuncture / Follow-up Treatment

Includes: A follow-up consultation and a 60 minute acupuncture appointment. 

Acupuncture / Facial Rejuvenation

Includes: Facial rejuvenation and a 90 minute facial acupuncture appointment.